About Cullable. 

Cullable is an inexpensive alternative to traditional eDiscovery processing workflows. It’s fast, secure and extremely easy to use. It’s not a review platform, and it will never be. Cullable focuses on the heavy lifting of ESI processing and reduction to help legal teams power through mountains of data faster so discovery can begin almost immediately. 

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Cullable is Fast. 

Cullable is built on utility computing disciplines which are highly efficient and extraordinarily lean by any comparative standard. Tiny systems are born and launched to swarm and perform various specific tasks, then simply disposed of. This kind of one piece flow is lean by concept, as the waste of waiting is eliminated. All needed interrogation and indexing tasks are performed against a single piece of work. This workflow is executed many hundreds or thousands of times at one time, on demand.

It’s fast. How fast? You wouldn’t believe us if we told you. Sign up for the beta and see for yourself. There’s really no realistic comparison.

Cullable is Secure. 

Cullable is built with Google Cloud Enterprise. Google’s datacenters are among the most secure, compliant, redundant and most performant cloud datacenters in the world. Google’s bandwidth and DNS are extraordinarily resilient and throughput is simply unbelievable. Google’s datacenters hold several important compliance certifications, such as SSAE16, ISAE 3402 Type II, SOC 2 and 3, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, FedRamp ATO and PCI DSS v3.1. Google’s datacenters also support HIPAA compliance and supports EU model contract clauses where the SafeHarbor framework may not be acceptable in it’s current state. All data stored in Google’s Cloud infrastructure is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Cullable is Inexpensive. 

Traditional eDiscovery processing workflows demand lots of fixed infrastructure, loaded with tons of licensed software. They literally cost money every minute after the date of purchase and implementation. Cullable is different. Cullable’s worker nodes require little in the way of licensed applications and utilize open source software widely adopted in the analytic and scientific research communities. Additionally, Cullable workers are born one minute and die the next. There is no ongoing cost for maintaining systems that aren’t in use. All of this combined with zero labor to perform the project itself, Cullable can be offered at an extremely aggressive price point while remaining highly profitable for our company.

Everyone wins with Cullable.

Cullable is Scalable.

Cullable has secured the resources necessary to scale to any level, almost instantly. The system utilizes artificial intelligence to determine when to grow, and when to shrink based on need. Human resources serve as a secondary mechanism with instrumentation available allowing for immediate and sometimes ludicrous expansion of the Cullable infrastructure to thousands of nodes when demand is high. Resources are only allocated when they’re needed. A short variable timeout period disintegrates idle resources to control cost. Jobs are distributed across all living resources. There is no wait. There is no waste. Only power and unmatched scalability. 

Cullable is Business Intelligence for eDiscovery.

Most eDiscovery platforms can provide some form of rudimentary chart or graph that aims to tell the story of the data interrogated. Cullable goes further. Way further. We’re not talking a starry sky of thousands of somehow related content aggregates or an odd looking donut that eliminates vast amounts of content with every click. Expect simple results illustrated in a responsive, bright and meaningful interface that illustrates the effect of your culling workflow in real time as you search, facet and filter your way to culling awesomeness. Best of all? You dont need to be a data scientist to use Cullable’s analytic tools. They work on their own beside your simple search and reduction tools.

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