Why Cullable?

Cullable exists to solve the problem of traditional eDiscovery processing using a highly available, scalable and automated processing and culling platform.

Cullable’s creators are eDiscovery experts, software engineers, information systems engineers and consultants. As cloud pioneers, we were frustrated with the lack of innovation from traditional eDiscovery processing solutions.

Traditional solutions are licensed per system and are very expensive to scale. We all live in a distributed computing world, but we’re most familiar with using this technology to power social media updates, online gaming and of course cat videos on YouTube. Dont get us wrong, we like cat videos too. 🙂

 If we can scale computing for this, why not eDiscovery?

There’s lots of reasons and all of them are money. The top eDiscovery software providers are twenty years old or more. These organizations are big, expensive and staff hundreds of people who rely on the per-seat licensing model to survive. We’re not trying to take food off of these people’s table, we’re demanding that they compete with a new breed of solutions.

We’re demanding that they innovate, improve and grow with us.

Why? Because eDiscovery is fundamental to the legal process. Litigation isnt always necessary but businesses rely on our legal systems to solve complex disputes every day. Without sane and reasonable access to data, millions of dollars can be lost overnight. Litigation is important and access to it is vital to our economy, to innovation and our way of life. 

Today, eDiscovery is becoming commoditized. It’s a natural progression due to the growth of personal and business data over the past decade. Ten years ago, a litigator might pay $2500 per gigabyte of processed eDiscovery. Today, we see vendors charging as little as $100 for that same gigabyte. Commoditization works with volume, but with an increased volume of data comes several important threats.


With more data being processed combined with high competition in the professional legal services world, legal teams are forced to consider multiple bids and often must choose the lowest bidder. Thats right, Fortune 500 CEOs email often goes to the lowest bidder. Consider the high cost of low price.

To handle the volume, vendors scale up. Many of these vendor organizations have systems, compliance and infrastructural standards rivaling your local convenience store. Most legal teams don’t have the training or experience to identify this kind of threat so vendor decisions are made on charm, price and fear. Scaling a sick organization gets you a sicker organization. Hiring and technical talent standards are overlooked, and data is forcefully jammed into archaic and insecure data models that only frustrate and confound review teams.

Many teams accept this as the norm and continue to work to lower cost and standards by outsourcing review to 3rd party organizations, many of which are in countries like India, China and Indonesia. Many vendors and review companies utilize these outsourced solutions without any consideration of transparency to the end client. Sorry, but a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement isnt enough. Thats why we have Litigation right? And the cycle continues..

Look. We’re not here to bash the industry. We love our industry. It feeds our families and we’ve spent the better part of our lives making it better. We can’t fix it all, but we can fix eDiscovery. We’ve done it with Cullable and it’s coming soon.

Signup for Beta Access today. We’re seeking the best and brightest eDiscovery experts in the world to help us shape the next generation of ESI management solutions.  Get involved!



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